Godrej Indonesia donates effective products against COVID-19 to 74 hospitals

Bobbin, Kumparan, 18 May 2020

Godrej Indonesia, a home and personal care company with the mainstay brands HIT, Mitu, and Stella, distributes household product donations that have proven effective against the corona virus. This donation was given to 74 hospitals (hospitals) spread across Jabodetabek, Cikarang and Serang areas.

Donate products directly to hospitals in the form of products consisting of Proclin Whitening, clothing whitening products; Wetties, wet tissue; and Sanitary ware, this hand sanitizer is an initiative of Godrej Indonesia to realize a small role in helping to break the chain of the spread of the Corona virus.

Akhil Chandra, President Director of Godrej Indonesia, said that he was concerned about the number of positive corona cases in Indonesia.

"The increasing positive cases of Corona in Indonesia emphasize the importance of improving sanitation in hospitals as an environment with the highest risk of Corona virus exposure. This encourages Godrej Indonesia to commit to helping protect medical personnel and the Indonesian people," said Akhil.

The use of disinfectant products is one of the effective treatments to fight the Corona virus. The donated products have active ingredients and effective concentrations as Corona virus disinfectants, according to the reference of the LIPI Clean Technology Research Workshop and World Health Organization (WHO). Bleach Proclin has 5.25 percent Sodium Hypocloride, Wetties has a Benzalkonium content of 0.05 percent, while Sanitary has a 70 percent Alcohol content and a Benzalkonium 0.05 percent.

com-Donation Godrej Indonesia Photo: doc. Godrej Indonesia


dr. Yudhaputra Tristanto, M. Kes, Director of Planning, Organization and General Hospital of Friendship, said, "We thank Godrej Indonesia for the distribution of donations given to our hospital. Friendship Hospital is one of the vertical public hospitals in Jakarta that was assigned by the government as COVID-19 Referral Hospital. These products can be useful to protect our medical personnel in serving our patients."

Akhil added, "as a producer and distributor of essential products that can fight the Corona virus, Godrej Indonesia continues to maintain availability and ensure that related products reach all levels of society in all regions of Indonesia. We hope that in the future we can carry out other initiatives to help protect the health of medical personnel and the Indonesian people from the corona virus."

Besides Bleaching Proclin, Wetties, and Sanitary, Godrej Indonesia also has a range of other products that have been listed as LIPI as Corona virus disinfectant products such as White Action Proclin, Stain Removal Proclin, Stella Fabric Spray, Mitu Baby Wipes, Carerra Helm Deo, and Biosol. This is in line with the company's goal to bring goodness in the field of health and beauty.