Godrej Indonesia fosters a trash upcycling culture to Condet residents

Nurmayanti, Liputan 6, 28 December 2019

Godrej Indonesia, a home and personal care company, with the brands HIT, Mitu, and Stella, seeks to foster a culture of plastic waste upcycling to residents in Kampung Buntu, Condet, Jakarta. This program aims to reduce the amount of disposable plastic.

Efforts to build culture, coincided with the UN International Volunteering Day, Godrej Global Volunteering Day (GGVD) 2019 which was held simultaneously in more than 60 locations in 9 countries.

This initiative involves nearly 3,000 employees, which is a form of Godrej's active role in social responsibility.

Every year, Godrej encourages its employees to volunteer for global issues. In this 5th year, the appointment of the upcycling theme is felt to be urgent because the pollution of plastic waste in the world continues to increase.

"Godrej is actively encouraging all employees to contribute their time by volunteering through various programs and initiatives, and will continue to raise this in the future," said Godrej Indonesia's President Director, Akhil Chandra, Saturday (12/28/2019).

A total of 60 Godrej Indonesia volunteers went directly to carry out village cleaning, environmental improvement, and sorting plastic waste.

"We hope that after today's socialization and upcycling workshop, residents will be able to process plastic waste into valuable goods," he explained.

The main activity of this initiative, is the socialization and workshops with residents to upcycling disposable plastic waste into lanyards, tote bags, and pouches.

The workshop which was attended by 64 Condet residents was facilitated by a sociopreneur organization embraced by Godrej Indonesia, Kertabumi Garbage Clinic.

In order to keep the program running in a sustainable manner, Godrej donated a sewing machine that can be used to produce upcycling products and will carry out further workshops for residents regarding the marketing of upcycling results and the use of the Waste Bank which will be held in January.