Lotion Format Can be a Safer Solution for Baby's Respiratory

Diana Rafikasari, Sindo News, 23 March 2019

In daily baby care, baby powder becomes one of the most commonly used products. It not only keeps baby's skin dry, but also makes it smooth and fragrant.

This is also reflected in Godrej Indonesia's research on baby products, which is known that 92 percent of mothers in Indonesia still use baby powder regularly after bathing the baby or when changing diapers.

But on the other hand, some mothers are aware of the risk of respiratory problems related to the use of powder in infants. This is also supported by a study conducted by the American Pediatric Association (APA) in 2017. This study recommends not using powder because of mineral particles (talc) which can harm the baby's respiratory system.

"The use of powder has a risk for the baby's respiratory system. The powder particles carried in the air can be easily inhaled by the baby, so that it can affect breathing access and health. Inhaling the powder particles repeatedly can cause injury to the lungs resulting in shortness of breath. and chronic cough, "explained a pediatrician from Brawijaya Hospital, Dr. Attila Dewanti Sp.A (K) in Jakarta, recently.

"Baby powder in the form of lotion can be a safer solution for baby's breathing and can care for the baby's skin stay healthy," he continued.

Realizing this problem, Godrej Indonesia also innovated through Mitu Baby Liquid Powder, a liquid powder in the form of lotion which is claimed to be safer for babies. This product is said to not pose a risk of respiratory distress in infants because of its texture that does not contain powder particles so it can be a safer solution for babies. This product also contains natura acti to keep baby's skin healthy.

Based on the results of tests at home by the Home Tester Club (Independent Survey Institute) of 519 members in March 2019, nine out of 10 mothers agreed that Mitu Baby Liquid Powder is safer for baby's breathing compared to using powder.

"Mitu Baby Liquid Powder is the latest innovation from Mitu Baby which was developed directly by our Research & Development center in Indonesia. This product is a form of our commitment to be partners of mothers in providing the best for their babies," explained Akhil Chandra, President Director of Godrej Indonesia.