Mitu Baby Liquid Powder, a Healthier Innovation of Baby Powder

Katharina Menge, Womantalk, 23 March 2019

You must often be annoyed to see babies or children who appear with powder covered on their faces after bathing. You do not even hesitate to do the same thing to your baby. However, you already know, right, if the use of powder now can be a red light because it is dangerous for baby's breathing?

The powder is one piece of equipment that a baby never escapes. Not only does it keep the baby's skin dry, the use of powder also makes the baby's body more fragrant and smoother. Unfortunately, in a study conducted by the American Pediatric Association (AAP) in 2017, the use of baby powder was no longer recommended.
That's because mineral particles (talc) in the powder can be inhaled and harmful to the baby's respiratory system, especially in the long term and then settles. Mitu Baby finally comes to provide a solution for this problem.

Through a talkshow titled How to Take Care of Your Child in the style of Moms Today, Mitu Baby launched their innovation in overcoming the problem of baby powder in the form of Mitu Baby Liquid Powder products. Liquid powder in the form of lotion is present for all Indonesian babies.

This product is proven safe and does not pose a risk of respiratory distress because it has a texture that does not contain powder particles. Based on the results of tests at the Home Tester Club's home (Independent Survey Institute) of 519 members in March 2019, it was proven that 9 out of 10 mothers agree that Mitu Baby Liquid Powder is safer for baby's breathing than powder.

Akhil Chandra, President Director of Godrej Indonesia, revealed the advantages of Mitu Baby Liquid Powder when compared to powder and other similar products. "First, Mitu Baby Liquid Powder is dust-free so it is safe for baby's breathing. Second, this product contains Acti Nactura, which is a combination of pro-vitamins, B5, talc, zinc, chamomile, which is able to keep baby's skin healthy and not dry. , "he said.

In addition, Mitu Baby Liquid Powder also passes the hypoallergenic test so it will not cause allergies in infants. The fragrance is also soft and suitable for babies. Finally, Akhil also said that Mitu Baby Liquid Powder has received halal certification.

If you still use powder for your baby at home, you should immediately switch to Mitu Baby Liquid Powder.