Veronica enjoys how her love for travel
meets her constantly evolving role in
Exports and Procurement.

Meet Veronica


Ronald has helped us set up and grow the regional distributor
network for our Godrej Indonesia business, streamline processes
and build a high performing team, who he is very proud of.

Meet Ronald

"The important thing is not to stop questioning"

(enjoys reading, music, movies and swimming)

November 2013: The start line

I had over 20 years of work experience in leading FMCG companies in Indonesia, before I decided to move to Godrej. What excited me most about the company was its growth trajectory. As an emerging markets multinational with an expanding presence in Indonesia, the opportunities were plenty. My role offered tremendous exposure to world-class practices, the autonomy to build strategies for multiple brands and of course, a chance to work on entirely new categories from the ones that I had known so far.

When I came on board as a General Manager in the Marketing team, my first project was to work on the restaging of Mitu, our leading baby care brand in the country. This was great platform to learn and integrate with the team. We had to completely redefine the brand strategy and craft the brand architecture.


In August 2014, I was offered the role of Marketing Director. This was a great opportunity for me. At last count, we reached close to 15 million delighted households across the country, and this number is fast growing.

Today, I oversee our marketing, research and design teams.

My focus is on building capabilities within my team and laying the base for a future ready system.

Innovation is becoming increasingly important for our business. We see this as a critical growth driver and believe that much of our success in the years ahead will be determined by our ability to create superior quality products at affordable prices, to delight our consumers. We have an innovation process in place and a strong new product pipeline for the future. I am also leading projects to explore possible new growth drivers for our business. My teams and I work closely with the Godrej global centres of excellence, to share learning from across the world.

I thoroughly enjoy my work here. As a company, we have articulated our vision to be among the top three home and personal care players in Indonesia. I find this both inspiring and challenging and I look forward to contributing strongly to helping make it a reality.


"The only way to do great work, is to love what you do"

(coffee lover, movie buff, enjoys travelling)

November 2010: The start line

I joined shortly after the merger of PT Megasari Makmur with Godrej, as GM Corporate Human Resources for the new company. This was a critical time for us from a people perspective. We were in the middle of a large scale transition to being part of an emerging markets multinational and this brought with it tremendous opportunity. Megasari already had strong personnel and industrial relations. Godrej brought with it, the knowledge of strategic people policies and processes.

As part of the core team that led the transition during the merger, our focus was to bring together the best of the Megasari and Godrej cultures, to craft Godrej Indonesia. A primary focus during this period was enabling people managers to communicate with their teams on what the transition meant and what it was that they could look forward to. Bringing together the new, integrated team was critical for our success.

This was also the time when we started streamlining core people processes, like performance management.

November 2013: Building a strong talent pipeline

Our vision is to be among the top three home and personal care players in Indonesia. In line with this, we needed

to accelerate our focus on building a strong talent pipeline for the future. This has and continues to be one of my key projects - establishing Godrej Indonesia as an employer brand.

A first step has been to build a campus recruitment programme, called 'Bintang' (which means 'star' in Bahasa). Through Bintang, we engage with graduate students from well-known universities across the country.

At the same time, we are working with industry experts on creating world-class processes to develop internal talent and capabilities and offer Godrejites differentiated career opportunities.


I am strongly driven by our aim of attracting and recruiting best-in-class global talent. We are at a very exciting point in our journey. Today, we have a 4,800 member strong team at Godrej Indonesia. There is a lot of challenging work that lies ahead on the people front, and I am confident that together with my team, we will be able to achieve all that we have set out to do.

Endah graduated with a major in Psychology. She has also completed her Masters of Management.


"Patience pays off"

(travel buff, tea aficionado, loves family time, television serials and reading)

January 2009: The start line

When I joined, Exports was a small part of our overall business, but there was a lot of interest in growing it. In the months that followed, I was offered additional responsibilities, which I gladly took on. In a short while, I was also managing Procurement. To give you an idea of scale - we deal in over 2,700 different types of materials.

As I soon realised, we were, in many ways, starting out from scratch. Much of my focus was on defining the system and laying out systems and

processes, which would mature over the years. This was challenging, but a great learning. Looking back, it was formative projects like these that hold me in good stead, even today.

September 2010: Becoming world class

When the PT Megasari Makmur and Godrej merger took place, we became part of a large, emerging markets multinational. This brought with it a significant expansion of scale and exposure to world-class policies and practices. We also started working closely with the Godrej global centres of excellence. The projects that followed involved rolling out SAP across our business and leveraging strategic sourcing opportunities, among others. As a team, we took part in a number of training and capability building sessions as well.


I enjoy the fact that my role has been constantly evolving. We are committed to exploring ways to make our processes more efficient, in line with business requirements, whether it is improving our replenishment model or building stronger procurement systems. I personally find working with cross-functional teams on critical projects like new product launches, a wonderful platform to learn and grow. I am excited about what the future holds.

Veronica holds a Bachelors degree in Accounting.


"Always try to better your game"

(sports buff, plays basketball and tennis, enjoys detective movies)

October 2011: The start line

I came on board shortly after Godrej acquired PT Megasari Makmur. The business was growing and we had ambitious plans for expanding our scope and reach. In short, there was a lot to do. Being part of a large emerging markets multinational brought with it a new perspective and the need to formulate large scale policies and processes to manage our growing responsibilities.

My first big project was to chart out the strategy and build the base for our Regional Distributor network. This was both challenging and exciting, given

we were starting from scratch, laying out the business plan, detailing the processes and assigning goals for the team.

December 2011: The Godrej Indonesia way of selling

Once we had established the base processes, the next step was to create what we called the Godrej Indonesia way of selling. We wanted to upgrade our selling skills as a team and create a uniform process for doing so. I worked closely with my team to detail what went on to become our standard sales training module going ahead.

March 2013: Pushing boundaries

What I enjoy most about my role is that we are always encouraged to push ourselves to aim higher. As a business, our aim is to be among the top three home and personal care players in Indonesia. In line with this, I was part of core team that formulated and led Project Berkat, a programme to achieve an ambitious growth target. It was wonderful to see how the entire team rallied together and worked tirelessly to ensure that we delivered on target.


Today, I lead a team of around 100 sales people, who work across different parts of the country. I am very proud of what we have managed to achieve together. I currently work on additional projects, which involve building sales capabilities and leveraging technology for better sales analytics and decision-making. I am very excited about what the future holds and look forward to us growing our business together.

Ronald is a Chemical Engineer and holds a Masters in Marketing Management


"Always give it your best"

(passionate about handicrafts, avid cook and traveller)

July 2008: The start line

I joined as a key account manager for Indomaret, a leading retail chain. I started interacting closely with our field sales teams to better understand the business. This on-ground learning held me in good stead for the years ahead. This was when I learned the basics of the FMCG sector and our sales and distribution networks.

September 2010: Godrej comes on board

Godrej acquired PT Megasari Makmur in 2010. Becoming a part of a large emerging markets multinational brought about a big change, not only in the way we did business, but also in the way we planned for it. This also coincided with my move to managing additional key accounts for our business. Modern Trade comprises a majority of our business in Indonesia. Distribution and listing were a big focus. Some of my key accounts now moved from being laggards, to being a part of the top five accounts for our business going ahead. This changed the scale and perspective of my role and offered me much more exposure.

March 2012: Carrefour comes calling!

2012 was a year of much learning. Expectations were rising and we were constantly encouraged to push our personal boundaries. Up till now, I had been working with supermarkets and minimarkets. I now moved on to hypermarkets as well, which brought with it, its own set of complexities and learning. Carrefour, which got added to my portfolio, was one of the most important accounts for our company.


I have a very exciting role today, as a National Key Account Manager for our business. I now have my own team and much of my focus is on developing them and learning how to delegate responsibility.

I am very passionate about my work and look forward to making a meaningful contribution to our vision of being among the top three home and personal care players in Indonesia.

Ardiahty holds a Bachelors degree in Economics.


"Stay positive and don't lose sight of your goal"

(enjoys travelling and reading magazines, action movie buff)

January 2008: The start line

When I came on board, it was as Finance Manager for our business. My role soon expanded to include Accounting and Tax as well. Back then most of our transactions were made through cash or cheques and we wanted to move to an online internet banking system. This became one of my key projects and proved a great opportunity to learn. We were also simultaneously working on upgrading our overall systems and processes. All in all, there was a lot to do!

July 2011: Broadening our horizons

With the move to becoming part of a large, emerging markets multinational post the PT Megasari Makmur merger with Godrej, we became doubly focused on enhancing our systems and processes. Improved analytics for better decision-making was critical. We were working closely with the global team, looking for ways to optimise our systems and putting adequate system controls in place.


My role today involves managing all finance, accounting and tax matters for our business. We are growing and aim at becoming one of the top three home and personal care players in Indonesia. This translates into the need for us to become better structured and more agile overall, from a finance perspective. My team is committed to making this possible and I strongly believe that together, we will continue to do out best to outperform.

Ira holds a Bachelors degree in Finance


"There is no substitute for hard work"

(enjoys travelling and swimming)

October 2004: The start line

I joined our company as a Maintenance and Engineering Manager. We had just one factory back then, which catered to our different product lines. While I had done similar work in the past, there was a lot to learn about how the team here worked. I spent time understanding our systems and processes. This was of much help to me later on, when we started expanding our presence.

June 2007: Setting up a new factory

With the business growing, we started expanding our manufacturing capabilities to keep up pace. Working on the set up of a new factory was a major learning for me on many fronts. This was the first of many innovative assignments to come.

September 2009: Innovating for Hit Magic

One of the most challenging parts of my role, and probably the one I enjoy the most, is innovating for processes to manufacture our new products. When we decided to launch Hit Magic, a revolutionary paper based mosquito repellent, entirely new to the Indonesian market, there was much to learn on a technical front for me. I worked with our team to create the machine that would manufacture this new product, which was very different from our existing range. It was a proud moment for us when it all came together.


We have grown considerably in scale. In my current role, I oversee technical requirements for all our five factories. I also have had the opportunity to be part of setting up most of them.

Innovation is a critical part of our growth strategy. Given this focus, we are constantly working on bettering our capabilities to manufacture new products in the pipeline. I thoroughly enjoy this part of my role. There is always something new to learn and I look forward to the next step in my journey here.

Wahyu is an engineer and has specialised in Mechanical, Electrical & Electronic and Instrumentation


"Fall, get back up and fly!"

(enjoys travelling, yoga and reading)

March 2005: The start line

I joined as a trainee in the Marketing team and worked with the brand team for our Foods business. Six months after coming on board, I was put in charge of Turbo, our brand of corn puffs. This was my first independent assignment and offered me a great learning ground. A year down the line, I took over as Product Manager for all non-cereal food brands.

November 2007: Working across teams

I was very excited to be working on a whole new category - household insecticides. Hit, our leading brand, had a presence across multiple

formats of aerosols, liquid vapourisers, mats and liquid pumps. I became Brand Manager for the non-aerosol formats.

I also had the opportunity to spend six months in Key Account Management, overseeing 10 supermarket and hypermarket accounts for our business. This was important, given that a majority of our business comes from modern trade.

In March 2009, I moved back to Marketing as Brand Manager for our Hit, Klinpak, Shock, Wonder Fuel, Biosol, Proclin, Polytex and Cap Gajah brands.

What I have enjoyed most about my roles is the wide range of learning they offer. There is never a dull moment!

April 2011: Innovation becomes a focus

The merger of PT Megasari Makmur with Godrej had a significant impact on the way we approached our business as part of an emerging markets multinational. My role too became more strategic. It was around this time that we were able to make Hit a market leader in its category, an achievement that I am particularly proud of.

Innovation became a critical growth driver for us and we started investing very heavily to back our new product launches. One of our major innovations is Hit Magic, a revolutionary paper-based mosquito repellent, which we introduced for the first time in the Indonesian market. It has been a runaway success.

We have doubled our efforts to ensure that we can continue to offer our consumers innovative, superior quality products, at affordable prices.


In my current role as Marketing Manager, I lead 8 of our brands. The opportunities are tremendous and we are very excited about building them as world-class brands.

Sari has majored in Finance Management


"Nothing is impossible; the word itself says I'm possible!"

(science fiction buff, culinary enthusiast)

January 2012: The Start Line

I started out as the brand manager for Stella's Matic and Aerosol formats. Stella, our air freshener brand, is the leader in the Indonesian market. It was very exciting to be working on a major, focus brand for our company.

My first project was to redesign the entire Stella range. This was part of our efforts to make it more premium in appeal; packaging and design was to play a key role in this. We started out with our aerosol range and this was later used as a benchmark for the redesign of the other Stella formats.

June 2012: Carrera gets added; Stella grows

I was settling into my role well and ready to take on more responsibilities. This is when I was offered another brand to manage – Carrera, from our car care portfolio. It was a different category and product and brought with it new learning, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

We were doubling our efforts on Stella and innovation had a key role to play in the future trajectory of our brand. Our focus product at the time was the Stella Matic device, an air freshener, which worked on an automatic timer selection. We were doing well, but we wanted to increase our reach. Our promotion plans were geared towards achieving what we had internally dubbed ‘200K'. We eventually went on to exceed these targets. This was a big win for me!

January 2014: The promotion

I was thrilled when my efforts were recognised by way of a promotion to senior brand manager.

The drive on Stella continued. After the success of our drive on the Stella Matic device, we now turned our efforts to the refills for it. It was very encouraging to see how our different projects were all coming together now.


My biggest achievement, as I see it, is having had the opportunity to launch seven new products each, under our Stella and Carrera brands. And I am currently working on many more. I couldn't have imagined getting this kind of exposure when I first started out. Every day brings new learning and

challenges and I am very excited about my future here!

Meiling completed her Management Bachelor Degree with a major in Finance.


"Never stop learning"

(enjoys travelling and cooking)

November 1999: Joining the Megasari Group

I joined the Megasari Group as General Manager at PT Karina in 1999. This was a completely new industry and opportunity for me, dealing in yeast production. The business procedures were somewhat different from what I was familiar with, given majority of our target audience were producers of bread. For this period, the major highlight was creating a system for distribution.

March 2002: Off to lead Simba

I then moved to Simba Indosnack Makmur, the Megasari Group's

foods business, where I replaced the previous General Manager. One of our products, Turbo was booming, and I got the chance to manage high production in order to meet market demand.

June 2007: Leading distribution at Intrasari

As the Head of Distribution at PT Intrasari Raya, I managed distribution of our goods to all branches besides entire logistics, in addition to keeping the inventory in the warehouse. Fix the existing system so that all divisions are integrated and running smooth.

February 2009: Back to Megasari

I was moved back to Megasari because I had to "troubleshoot" a specific situation, in this case managing a problem, which applied to PT Indomas

Susemi, PT Ekamas and PT Sarico Indah. I was responsible for all operations within the group, including production, supply chain operations and warehouse. Beside production, I also created a proposal review for Marketing & Sales, to ensure the right kind of promotion for each brand.


As Director – Sales and Operations, PT Intrasari Raya, since 2012, I am proud to have led the implementation of a new system in the inventory, Theory of Constraints (TOC) for our central warehouse as well as all our branches. Through this, we could bring down the distribution/delivery of stock from 30 days to 13 days on average. At the central warehouse, we managed a 15% increase in capacity by re-laying out the space. Our productivity went up by 20%.

Another project that helped us improve efficiency in delivery and reduce delivery costs across branches, was creating GPS tracking system.

Rianti has a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting. She is also currently pursuing a degree in Magister Management, majoring Strategic Business Innovation, from Prasetiya Mulya Business School, Jakarta.


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