Launch Of Mitu Baby Liquid Powder, A Safer Baby Powder Solution For Millennial Moms

01 April 2019

Baby talcum powder is one of the products mostly used in daily baby care. Not only that it keeps baby's skin dry, but also keeps it soft and fragrant. This is also reflected in Godrej Indonesia's research on baby products where 92% of mothers in Indonesia still routinely use baby talcum powder after bathing their babies and during changing diapers.

On the other hand, some mothers are aware about the risk of respiratory problems related to the use of powder on babies. This is also supported by a study conducted by the American Pediatric Association (APA) in 2017. The study recommended against using baby talcum powder because of its mineral ingredients (talc) particles which might cause risk to baby's respiratory system.

In a talk show held by Mitu Baby on the topic of "Safe and Worry-free Baby Care for Millennial Moms", paneled by dr. Attila Dewanti Sp.A, pediatrician from Brawijaya Hospital Antasari and a member of Indonesian Pediatric Society (IDAI), Ririn Dwi Ariyanti, actress, and Cindy Charlota, CEO The panel discussed about the habits of mothers in applying a range of baby care products to their babies. It was found that baby talcum powder is the most used product in baby care routine, despite of the growing concern about the safety of this product for babies.

Cindy Charlota, CEO of said, "More and more doctors are advising against the use of talcum powder. Looking at the concerns of millennial mothers as discussed in community, there is a risk of respiratory problem that might be caused by the use of talcum powder."

Answering the concern from the mom community, dr. Attila Dewanti Sp.A, a pediatrician from Brawijaya Hospital Antasari, stated during the talk show, "The use of talcum powder may cause risk to baby's respiratory system. The talcum powder particles carried by the air can be easily inhaled by babies so it could affect their breathing access and health. Repeated inhalation of talc might cause scarring of the lungs which results in shortness of breath and chronic cough. The baby powder in lotion format can be a safer solution for baby's respiratory while taking good care of baby's skin as well."

Godrej Indonesia presents the latest innovation from Mitu Baby, Mitu Baby Liquid Powder, a liquid powder in lotion format that is safe for babies. As an expression of a new love of mothers for babies, this product is proven to prevent the risk of baby's respiratory problems with its dust-free, making it a safer solution for babies. Based on the home-based test results conducted by the Home Tester Club (an independent survey institution) to 519 respondents in March 2019, 9 out of 10 mothers agreed that Mitu Baby Liquid Powder is safer for baby's respiratory compared to regular talcum powder.

During the launch, Akhil Chandra, President Director, Godrej Indonesia, said, "Godrej Indonesia always brings innovations to answer our consumers' needs. Mitu Baby Liquid Powder is the latest breakthrough from Mitu Baby, homegrown by our Research & Development center in Indonesia. This product is also a manifestation of our commitment to be the partner of Indonesian mothers in providing the best for their babies. We believe this product can be a safer a solution for babies in Indonesia."

Mitu Baby Liquid Powder, with soft fragrance and combination of Active Natural ingredients (ACTI NATURA), to keep baby’s skin healthy.

Mitu Baby Liquid Powder, with soft fragrance and combination of Active Natural ingredients (ACTI NATURA), to keep baby’s skin healthy.

Speaking after experiencing Mitu Baby Liquid Powder for the first time, Ririn Dwi Ariyanti, Actress, stated, "I always want to make sure the products I use have been proven safe. Especially for my son, I am worried of the risk of him being exposed to particles of baby powder that could be harmful his respiratory system. When I tried the liquid powder, I am relieved that my son will be free from that risk."

Mitu Baby Liquid Powder is a liquid powder in lotion format that is safe for baby's skin without the risk of respiratory problems. In addition, this product has ACTI NATURA and Chamomile to keep baby's skin healthy. Mitu Baby Liquid Powder is also hypoallergenic-tested, safe for baby's sensitive skin, and is Halal-certified. This product believed to answer the concerns of millennial mothers in caring for their babies.

The newly-launched Mitu Baby Liquid Powder is available for Indonesian consumers, priced at IDR 20,000. The product is available in Alfamart and Indomaret, and an exclusive package of Mitu Baby Liquid Powder is now available on e-commerce sites, Mitu Baby Official Store on

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