HIT Launches HIT Magic Expert, a Breakthrough First-in-the-World Innovation in the Coil Segment

18 October 2018

Mosquitos are evolving and becoming more resilient, while coils have not seen a major innovation in the last few decades. Introducing HIT Magic Expert, the new pyramid coil that kills mosquitoes instantly, offers overnight protection and less smoke. HIT Magic Expert brings in a disruptive and affordable new solution for the masses.

Mosquitoes are a major health hazard in Indonesia, especially for the masses. 8 out of 10 Indonesians are living in mosquito borne disease endemic areas. 4 out of 10 households are still using coils to protect themselves from mosquitoes as it is the most economical product. Coils have not seen a major innovation in the last few decades.

Godrej Indonesia introduces HIT Magic Expert, a solution that is superior yet affordable to take care the needs of coil users. With this innovation, HIT breaks down the limitations of existing mosquito coils, and presents a new solution through the product that does not only repel but kills mosquitoes instantly, offers overnight protection, is a cardboard-based product that does not break, has the H.I.T. dot formula which is effective even for resilient mosquitoes, and is 4X more powerful with 4X less smoke.

Speaking on the occasion of the launch, Akhil Chandra, President Director, Godrej Indonesia, explained, “Mosquitoes continue to evolve and become more resilient, therefore, the solutions need to also evolve. While a large part of the Indonesian consumers are coil users, there have not been significant innovation dedicated to this mass segment.”

“We are here to bring a disruptive innovation to help protect the masses from deadly mosquito borne diseases like Dengue, Malaria, Zika, Chikungunya among others. We are proud to introduce HIT Magic Expert, the first-in-the-world, a breakthrough and homegrown in Indonesia, to cater to Indonesian coil consumers,” Akhil added.

The newly-launched HIT Magic Expert is the continuity of innovation commitment from HIT Expert platform which was introduced last year to tackle the resilient mosquitoes.

Puneet Kusumbia, Marketing Director, Godrej Indonesia, added, “Mosquito coils have evolved very slowly since introduced in early 1900s. Up until now, we have not seen significant development from this product segment, while demands and challenges faced by consumers continue to evolve. Entering the market in the shape of pyramid, HIT Magic Expert is a never-before-seen innovation to answer the needs of the masses.”

At the same time, dr. Lula Kamal, HIT’s Brand Ambassador, said, “Since introduced last year, HIT Expert has always become the answer for consumers like myself to exterminate resilient mosquitoes. As a consumer who is also a mother and a doctor, a potent solution is important factor in choosing mosquito coils, in other hand, the solution also needs to be able to protect my family’s rest time from disturbance, whether on the smoke, protection time and the fragrance. With this new invention of mosquito coil, now is no longer the spiral era. It is the pyramid era!”

The new HIT Magic Expert will be available for Indonesian consumers starting from October 18, 2018 as a package of 4 that is priced at IDR 2,000 and a package of 10 that is priced at IDR 4,000. The new HIT Magic Expert is also available in two premium fragrances, Classy Lily and Floral Blossom.

About Godrej Indonesia

Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL) from India acquired the Indonesian household product major, PT Megasari Makmur Group, in 2010. Today, Godrej Indonesia is a leading household and personal care company in Indonesia with 5 manufacturing units. It also has a vibrant export business to markets in Africa and Southeast Asia. Godrej Indonesia contributes to 30 percent of GCPL’s international business and is amongst GCPL’s largest international business unit. The company is well known for its flagship brands, HIT in household insecticides, Stella in air fresheners and Mitu in baby tissues and baby care, are market leaders in their respective categories. The brand portfolio also includes other household and personal care favourites like Proclin, Biosol, Klinpak, Polytex, Carrera, Cap Gajah, Shock, Nyu, which can be found in most Indonesian households. It is estimated that close to 15 million households in Indonesia use at least one of these brands, every day. Through its multi-local model, Godrej Indonesia products are homegrown in Indonesia for consumers in Indonesia and the world.


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