The Danger of Talcum Powder for Babies

Vonda Nabilla, Mother and Baby, 25 March 2019

After bathing, most Moms don't forget to apply powder to Little One's body, even after changing his diaper. This seems to have become a mandatory ritual that should not be missed. By applying powder, your skin will remain dry, smooth and fragrant.

The same thing is done by pesinetron Ririn Dwi Ariyanti, who also always sprinkles powder on Little One. Not only that, the mother of four children claimed to follow the habits of her mother who also used all kinds of other treatments for children.

"Almost all the treatments I use for children, because I want it to look fresh, fragrant. Just like I used to, my mother also wears all kinds after I take a shower, for example body warmers, fragrances and powder, and it is indeed a tradition, it seems, "said Ririn when found in the Kemang area, (20/03/2019).

In addition, Aldy Bragi's wife admitted that she did not forget to apply the powder after Little One played. According to him, the powder can also provide benefits and prevent irritation to your skin. "It's the same when the kids just play, sweat right, then I wipe and give powder. In order to prevent the skin from getting damp, irritating, itching if the parents say or not to induce sweating, "he explained.

Danger of Powder

Apart from a tradition, but actually the use of this powder is not recommended you know, Moms. This is due to the risk of respiratory disorders. A study conducted by the American Pediatric Association (APA) in 2017 also recommends not using powder because the mineral particles (talc) can harm the baby's respiratory system.

This was also confirmed by Dr. Attila Dewanti Sp.A (K), pediatrician from Brawijaya Antasari Hospital, who was met in a talk show organized by Mitu Baby about "How to Take Care of Your Child in the Style of Moms Today".

"The use of powder has a risk to the baby's respiratory system. The powder particles carried in the air can be easily inhaled by the baby so that it can affect respiratory access and health," said Dr..Attila.

In addition, if the intensity of the use of powder is often done on the Little One, automatically particles from the powder that the Little Girl breathes in can disrupt his airway.

"In the nose there are mucous gland ducts whose function is to filter out dust, and so on. If the particle is inhaled up to the channel then the child will easily sneeze. Especially for children who have allergies, it will be even easier. "In addition, repeated inhalation of powder can also cause injury to the lungs resulting in shortness of breath and chronic coughing," he explained.

To overcome this problem, Dr. Athila recommends choosing a powder product with another type that is safer for Little so that he avoids respiratory problems.

"We must look for other alternatives. Try searching for those that don't have particles, because those particles are dangerous, if the powder itself still has benefits. "Baby powder in the form of lotion can be a safer solution for the baby's breathing and can care for the baby's skin stay healthy."

Loose Powder Replacement Solution

Understanding the concerns of Moms, Godrej Indonesia presents the latest innovation from Mitu Baby, Mitu Baby Liquid Powder, liquid powder in the form of lotion which is safer for babies because of its texture that does not contain particles such as those found in powder.

In fact, based on home test results by the Home Tester Club (Independent Survey Institute) of 519 members in March 2019, 9 out of 10 mothers agreed that Mitu Baby Liquid Powder is safer for baby's breathing compared to using powder.

In addition, this product contains ACTI NATURA to keep baby's skin healthy, has been hypoallergenic tested so it is safe for sensitive baby's skin, and is Halal certified.

C'mon, from now on give the best care for your little one so that his health is also maintained.