Want to enhance the look of your hair without worrying about hair damage & dullness? With NYU, we promise your crowning glory will always look beautiful, and add a spring to your step. NYU is specifically designed for the Indonesian beauty who want to have freedom to transform hair without any fear of damage.

Our ammonia-free, odourless formula ensures your hair is damage-free & pelasant experience during coloring. Enriched with Super Fruit Extracts like apple, kiwi and strawberry, it protects hair while colouring and gives a pleasant fragrance. NYU also completes your post colouring regime by using Vitamin Oil from jojoba, avocado & almond oil, which makes your hair perfectly healthy, soft and shiny.

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Nyu Hair Colour Caramel and Coppery Brown

Nyu Hair Colour Caramel and Coppery Brown

With the new and improved NYU Hair Colour in Caramel and Coppery Brown, you can have 3x richer hair colour without worry of hair damage!

We have carefully picked out our NYU range of hair colours to suit the Indonesian woman's skin tone. So you need not worry about losing your identity when you colour your hair. Let the colours of your life flow, and embrace the NYU life!

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